Episode 172: Active vs. Passive Sales

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 172: Active vs. Passive Sales. Sarah Chappell sitting in a cafe smiling over a coffee cup.

There is no such thing as passive income!

I hate this promise that gets circulated around the internet. You’ve all seen the tacky ads that promise to make you hundreds of thousands of dollars each month if you JUST CLICK HERE, but this idea that there is a secret, effortless way to rake in money is pervasive. I have been approached by many people interested in my program, telling me that they are seeking “passive income”. Will my program teach them how to do that?

No, not really. Because doing your work requires work.

The momentum of your business depends on your sales and sales strategies can be active or passive. When people go looking for passive income, I find that they often mean they want work/life balance. They want to spend their time doing things that are meaningful, not hustling to sell themselves all day. 

I DO teach sustainable sales strategies that carry your work further and create more impact. Your job should center the work you love, not constant hustle. I teach sales strategies that combine both active and passive measures to build sustainable streams of income. What is sustainable to YOU depends on YOUR needs!

So in this episode of the podcast, I’m breaking down the difference between active launches and passive, automated sales funnels. You might have heard them referred to as “Live Launches” and “Evergreen Funnels.” This is the difference between actively engaging with potential customers and automating their sales experience.

Tune in this week for the pros and cons of each strategy, the situations that call for each of them, and the best ways I’ve found to combine them for maximum impact!

Show Notes:

00:39– The myth of passive income

4:06– Live sales

10:15– Automated sales

13:21– When to use what: combined sales strategies.

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