Episode 194: Behind the Scenes Membership Launch

So You Wanna Be A Witch Episode 194: Behind the Scenes Membership Launch. Marisa Beachdell smiles on the left, Sarah M. Chappell smiles on the right.

What does your launch week look like?

Are you frantic, stressed, and anxious?

Are you staring at your screen and analyzing the numbers?

We recently launched our membership program, the Holistic Business Academy, for the third time this year.

And y’all, I spent most of the week at the gym and taking long walks with my dog. I showed up when I needed to, but I was able to get rest and not end the week completely burnt out.



This week on the podcast, I’m so excited to be chatting with the Holistic Business Academy’s first full-time employee, Marisa Beachdell. Marisa is HBA’s community, growth, and podcast manager.

Marisa and I are talking about our launch processes, standard operating procedures, and how these systems made it possible for me to go to the gym and take long walks during launch week.

Tune in so you, too, can launch with ease.

Show Notes:

2:00 Three Launch Experiences

10:00 Standard Operating Procedures

21:40 A Low Key Launch

26:55 Are you ready to scale?

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