Episode 106: Anti-Capitalist Abundance with Sarah Gottesdiener

What does business success mean when you are an anti-capitalist feminist? Those things so often seem in direct opposition, right? We know that we live in a system that benefits a few people over many others. We know that so many people are exploited and harmed so that a handful can hoard. We know that the structures used to create and keep wealth are so often used to do so at the expense of others. So, if our values oppose that systemic violence, what does it say about us if we try to Be Successful? What does it mean if we decide that we don’t just deserve to survive, but to thrive?

Oh my Gottess, y’all (the joke is building, are you ready?). I feel that! I have been there! And I am so excited to be talking all about it with the divine Sarah GOTTESdiener.

If you somehow don’t know who Sarah is, she is the witch behind Modern Woman. You may know her as the publisher of the Many Moons workbooks, but she does so much more. She is a teacher, writer, tarot reader, and YES the owner of a product-based business that makes apparel, potions, calendars, and more.

In this episode, Sarah and I go deep and hard on our values as feminist business owners and all the work we have done on ourselves to be able to do work that aligns with our values. 

We talk about redefining abundance as a feminist act to oppose capitalism and how undervaluing and underselling ourselves isn’t serving anyone. We talk about disentangling the reality that many people have to work for less than they are worth because we live in an unfair world from deserving to work for less than you are worth because you are afraid of abandoning your values.

Right??? Okay but how DO we work in alignment with those values? 

Sarah tells us how she has structured and shaped her business to actually serve her community. She shares her tithing practices and how they work both as accountability to her privilege as a white, cisgender business owner AND create some real money magic. We talk about how to center our values, as we define what success and abundance means for us.

Y’all, I can’t even summarize this, so you’ll have to hop on over to your favorite podcast app and tune in for the whole thing. Get ready to get over your fear of success, without compromising what really matters. 

Show Notes:

2:46– No Niche! Diversifying your business to stay in your values

13:36– How are your business actions shaped by your feminist values?

21:12– How has healing your relationship with money enabled you to serve your community and live your values?

30:00– Anti-capitalist business practices

40:47– How are you looking at stability ahead?

Prosperity without Growth by Tim Jackson

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