Elemental Self-Care with Gabriela Herstik

episode 121 So You Wanna Be a Witch. Gabriela Herstik looking down over her shoulder in front of a pink curtain and flowers.

This week, I am so excited to be talking with author, fashion alchemist, and fellow witch Gabriela Herstik! Gabriela is legitimately GLAMOROUS and reminds us that we can still reject standards of beauty, while embracing fashion, beauty, and artistry in clothing as everyday magic.

With a new guided journal coming out, Gabriela has a lot to say about self-care. Gabriela is a practitioner of elemental magic and in this episode, she takes us deep into the ways we can connect with the elements to structure the rituals of our self-care. She shares real examples of practices she uses and suggestions for ways to get more in touch with this way of relating to ourselves and our world.

Join us this week and hear us talk about our quarantine underwear. Yes, quarantine underwear.

Show Notes:

8:12– Fashion, glamour, and witchcraft.

14:56– Daily magic as self care

19:10– Working with the system of the elements

29:14– Insight into Gabriela’s books, including her new one: Embody Your Magick, coming out this month.

Pre order: Embody Your Magick: A Guided Journal for the Modern Witch
Bewitching the Elements
High Priestess Column

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