Episode 1: Erica Recto

I’m joined in the first episode of So You Wanna Be A Witch by the brilliant maker and doer Erica Recto. I met Erica in a delightfully Brooklyn way where I saw her in a shop and stalked her and garnered an invitation to her studio. We became fast friends. Erica has been a mentor for me in the small business world, and in this episode we dig into her ancestral inspiration, where she finds her strength, and how to cultivate trust in yourself and your business. This episode is brought to you by Erica’s initial willingness to ignore the fact that I totally creeped on her!

Show Notes

Connect with the amazing and talented Erica Recto:

Check out Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer to read the story that I butcher in this episode.

Music: bensound.com

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