Episode 101: Creating a Spiritual Practice

Sarah Chappell with eyes closed and hands over her heart next to a river. Starting a spiritual practice.

Wow, Instagram sure is busy these days, now that we’re all quarantined home alone (or never fucking alone!) with our thoughts. I’ve been cruising, too and I’ve noticed a particular topic circulating around my corner of the internet: How do I create a spiritual practice?

Sure, this question gets asked a lot, but it seems like a hot topic now. Partially because we need something to do with all those thoughts we are home alone (or never fucking alone!) with, and partially because a time of crisis and upheaval is when we need the structure and comfort of ritual practice the most. So, I wanted to dedicate an episode to this very question. 

This week, I break it all down with 2 simple questions, 3 basic steps, and wrap it all up with some specific ideas to get you started. After all, a basic spiritual practice is one of my bare minimum requirements for being a functional human, so it better be doable.

Tune in to find out the magic secret to my personal practice! Just kidding. I’ll tell you now. It’s coffee.

Show Notes:

1:25– What is a spiritual practice and why do we want it?

7:11– Step 1: Why do you want a spiritual practice?

9:51– Step 2: Tie it to an existing habit

12:10– Step 3: Start super fucking small

15:08– Ideas for getting started

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