Episode 103: May Energy Reading

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Are you ready to get down to Lizzo? Because May is reminding us that we are our own soulmate! That’s great news to those of you who are sheltering at home alone right now (look up in the mirror like: damn, she the one!), but it’s really an important reminder to all of us business owners who are responsible for holding ourselves (and our businesses, employees, outreach) down.

May is coming in strong with the insecurity and overwhelm, and that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone who has turned on the news in the last month. So much is uncertain, so much is scary, so much is changing, and that opens up so many opportunities for us to feel broke and shut out in the cold. Notice that the operative word there is feel. Feelings aren’t always facts.

This month, the cards remind us how much we can’t control: other people, world events, a tiny virus flying through the air! That reminder, hard though it is, steers us back to what we can control: ourselves and our actions.

This month, we are called to put on our grown up pants and look reality in the face: What is actually happening? What are my numbers? Where am I spending my energy and resources and is it working? When we have that information, when we have truly looked at it, we are able to take effective action and make change that serves us. Our validation and our security cannot come from outside sources anymore (as if it ever really could). It’s time for a “me, myself kinda attitude” but like, in a put-on-your-own-oxygen-mask-and-be-your-own-savior kinda way. Have your own back, be responsible for your actions and your feelings. See where it takes you this month.

Join us this week for a look ahead at May and for some of my deep biology nerdom!

Show Notes:

1:11– Energy of the Month: 5 of Pentacles. Feeling overwhelmed?

7:17– Action of the Month: 4 of Pentacles. Check your boundaries.

12:23– Release Work of the Month: Wheel of Fortune. Let go of the need to know.

15:15– Outcome of the Month: 2 of Cups reversed. Be your own soulmate!

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