Episode 105: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Money

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 105: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Money. Sarah Chappell smirking at the camera.

If you’ve been with me for a while, you know that I love pushing social convention to talk about money. It’s one of the first manners that we learn as children, right? Don’t ask people how much money they make (it’ll embarrass them), don’t tell people how much our family makes (it’s tacky), don’t ask for money (it’s humiliating), don’t do things “just” for money (it’s shallow), don’t talk about how much things cost (it’s awkward), but you better have a fool-proof budget in your pocket when you stumble out of the nest and off into the world—oh my gosh, no wonder it brings up feelings of fear, guilt, and shame for so many of us!

Now, y’all know I’m not a financial advisor or an accountant, but I do have a lot of opinions when it comes to money and business (are you surprised?). I also have the experience of working with hundreds of small business owners and guess what I’ve learned? You can’t expect to run a business and avoid talking specifics about money. 

So, this week I am dedicating the podcast to five questions for you to explore and improve your personal and business relationship with money. These five questions get at the root of our behavior and invite us to choose how we want to act, and thus what success we are open to. I include some practical tips for investing, risk-taking, and returns. I also wax poetic about some software that makes me weak in the knees and why to tell your money to get a goddamn job already!

Tune in this week for my soap box about social media ads and my regular mixing bowl of metaphors (wait—is it regular? Guys, is this A Thing?).

Show Notes:

0:49– What do you believe about money?

2:33– How are you paying yourself?

8:33– How quickly do you want to grow?

12:07– What is your relationship to risk?

17:22: What spending is valuable in your business?

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