Episode 107: June Energy Reading

Episode 107 June Energy Reading. 3 tarot cards next to a deck and a cup of black coffee. tarot for business. soul centered business

What if failure weren’t an option? What if all outcomes were neutral? What if you got up off your sad butt and rode off into the sunset? No, June’s energy reading isn’t telling you to pick yourself up by your bootstraps, but it is telling us that we need to check our attitude.

Summer is said to be easy, but this month the cards are pushing us hard into introspection and accountability. Y’all, this is a reminder that humans are meaning-makers. That is our magic. It can be beautiful and rich, but it can also be limiting.

This month, the cards are asking us to take up the reins of our brains. What meaning are we giving to situations? Are these the stories we want to be living in? Are these the mindsets that allow us to live our dreams? How can we better love ourselves?

But it isn’t all down to us. We don’t live in a vacuum (even if sheltering in place might have made it feel that way); there are people ready to hold us. What if we stopped trying to have all the answers? Yes, even us bossy business owners who feel like we have to have it all together! What would it mean to hold the vision instead of doling out the solutions? 

Meaning is what we make of it, and when we give ourselves permission to take accountability instead of control, we make space for magic.

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Tune in this week to pick yourself apart and set yourself free! Fuck the platitudes! Ride off into the sunset on a horse (or vehicle of your choosing)! Meet you there.

Show Notes:

2:44– Energy of the Month: 3 of Swords. Radical accountability for your perceptions.

12:23–Action of the Month: 2 of Cups reversed. Hold all of yourself.

14:34– Release Work of the Month: King of Swords reversed. Ask for help.

20:01–Outcome of the Month: Knight of Swords reversed. Fuck platitudes– just do it!

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