Episode 108: The Less I Do, The More I Make with James Wedmore

So You Wanna Be A Witch Episode 108 James Wedmore. Business mindset.

Edit June 14, 2020: After this podcast episode aired, So You Wanna Be a Witch community members expressed concerns about their interactions with James Wedmore, Team Wedmore, and members of the Business By Design community.

I reached out to James to ask how he planned to address these concerns and was not satisfied with his replies. In response, I left the Business By Design affiliate program.

Equality and transparency are two of my core values. Until Business By Design makes a transparent commitment to anti-racist practices, I cannot assure members of the So You Wanna Be a Witch community that James and Business By Design share these values.

James is a brilliant entrepreneur with over a dozen years of experience in online business. After moving from broke bartender to building a multiple 7-figure business, he now helps other entrepreneurs scale their businesses, help more people, and make more money by focusing on business mindset. He also hosts his own woo-woo business podcast (which you should totally listen to, if you aren’t already on that train): The Mind Your Business Podcast.

This episode is 54 minutes packed with solid gold, y’all. James considers himself a contrarian and inspires people to question their baseline assumptions about work and success. In this episode, James talks about his relationship to his business as his spiritual growth. He shares the core of his business mindset—The Less I Do, The More I Make—and reminds us to stay focused, instead of staying busy.

James continues to flip some paradigms by calling out critical misinterpretations of some spiritual truths and corrects the top mistake he sees in the approach people take to growing their business. We also talk about what scaling really means and how to set yourself up to do it effectively.

Join us this week and get yourself out of the hard work hustle mindset!

Show Notes:

2:05– Getting out of the “hard work hustle” mindset

15:40– Doing the right thing for your business: What you think is moving forward is actually moving backward.

25:44– Scaling: What does it mean and how do we think about it?

32:11– James’s story of moving from bartender to entrepreneur.

40:42– What are the things that you are willing to do that others are not?

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