Episode 109: Brain-Based Wellness with Alyssa Chang

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This week, I am so pumped to introduce you to Alyssa Chang! I fully admit that I go a little overboard in my fandom here, but I think you’ll understand why once you listen to this episode.

Alyssa is a brain-based health and movement coach who works with clients on improving their connection between their brain and body, so they can heal their metabolism, rewire their mindset, and move pain free. She uses movement, lifestyle adjustments, and neuroscience to dramatically change how her clients relate to their bodies. Whoa. I have personally had a session with her and it exploded my mind!

In this episode, Alyssa explains why traditional ways of approaching fitness and wellness often fall short of addressing chronic issues. She explains how our nervous system works to protect us and how taking care of our nerves, managing our anxiety, and even stretching our eyeballs (no, I’m not kidding) can do way more for us than just muscle movement alone. She shows that brain-based science allows us to work with our bodies without shame or judgement, so every body can feel better.

We also talk about the cutting-edge approach that Alyssa is taking with her business: moving a tactile, traditionally “in-person” career online. Alyssa shares how coaching online allows her to empower her customers, rather than allowing them to be dependent on her for success. We discuss abundance mindset, when it comes to serving our clients, and the radical idea of working to make yourself obsolete.

Join us this week for some major brain nerd-outs and to bear witness to my borderline-obsession with Alyssa Chang!

Show Notes:

3:58– What is brain-based movement and how does anxiety influence our pain?

16:39– Small movements for big change. Eye fitness! (Seriously)

23:21– Taking a tactile business online

31:23– What is intuition and how do we hear what our bodies are telling us?

36:49– Tips for getting started.

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