Episode 110: July Energy Reading

Episode 110 July Energy Reading. 3 tarot cards next to a coffee cup on a white table

In my first time talking directly to y’all since the national sweep of Black Lives Matter uprisings that started in Minneapolis, I need to lay the groundwork for this month’s energy reading: Fuck “Business as Usual,” a new world is entirely possible.

We are living through a global pandemic, but the police are still carrying on with their racist, violent practices. That is business as usual. We are trying to keep ourselves afloat in the midst of a rapid destabilization, but the stability we crave is not the old norm. The cards this month are meeting us on the edge of this knife. There is pain and anguish, and there is also incredible opportunity.

Whether the cards are speaking to us as individuals rushing to meet the blazing revolution, or addressing our work as individual business owners (hopefully, both), the messages are the same: Plant seeds and actively encourage their growth, tend your boundaries, stop stalling, and take a leap of faith. 

The cards want us to remember that we are the drivers of our fate, and that nothing can change while we refuse to act. Action and change are scary when we are not sure about what lies on the other side. This is a time of waiting, but it is not a time for passivity. This month, the cards are calling us to actively engage the wait and ground ourselves in the face of great uncertainty. 

Join us this week for a dose of Love and Peace and Fuck the Police.

Show Notes:

00:20– Uprisings, Revolution, and a reminder that we stand in action and solidarity with Black Lives Matter in this space.

4:18– Energy of the month: 7 of Pentacles. Tending instead of waiting.

8:53– Action for the month: 4 of Pentacles, reversed. Recommitting to our boundaries.

15:46– Release work for the month: 2 of Wands, reversed. Nothing will change if we don’t take action.

17:42– Outcome of the month: Fool, reversed. It’s ok to be uncertain.

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