Episode 111: The Business of Sex Ed with Cameron Glover

Episode 111 the Business of Sex Ed with Cameron Glover. Sexuality professional business coach.

This week, I am so excited to welcome Cameron Glover to the podcast! Cameron is a certified sex educator, business coach, and consultant. She works with sexuality professionals to create successful digital businesses in this cutting-edge field. In addition, she also hosts the Sex Ed in Color podcast, where she centers the experiences of sexuality professionals of color. 

Cameron does for sex educators what I do for makers, mystics, and healers, and it is just so cool get to learn from her experience and hear about the similarities and differences in our work!

In this episode, we talk about our horrifying early experiences of sex education, from parents to gym coaches. Cameron explains how modern sexuality professionals are changing the landscape of sex education and why it is so important. She points out the particular obstacles to being a sexuality professional in our highly censored society, and why such professionals need business support that is particular to their feed.

Then, we move on to the business side of her work. Cameron shares her journey with money mindset and what she sees as the future of sex education. She shares her feelings on certification vs. training, how boundaries allow her space to be a full person, and why Inbox Zero is never going to make her list of business goals.

Join us this week to learn about the fairy who leaves puberty books on the beds of pre-teens everywhere.

Show Notes:

1:10– How Cameron shifted from lit major to sex educator and then a sex educator business coach

17:30– What gives sexuality professionals the tools they need to support themselves?

25:16– What is the future of sex education?

27:50– How are you helping people to understand the value of their work?

41:00– Scaling, boundaries, and not giving energy into the fear of not being Good Enough.

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