Episode 112: Selling Like an Actual Human

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 112: how to sell like an actual human. Sarah Chappell grinning into the camera

Do you miss telemarketers? Back in the day, when we had landlines and couldn’t screen our calls and we’d rush to the ringing phone only to have a disembodied voice immediately launch into trying to sell us something? No? Me neither. I always hung up wondering, “who actually buys vacuum cleaner bags from a cold call?”

Cold DMs are the new telemarketers, y’all. But unsolicited pitches clogging up inboxes is only one of many marketing mistakes I see small business owners making as they try to mimic the behavior of big companies that seem to make a lot of sales. 

Don’t you want to be CHOSEN by your customers? Don’t you want enthusiastic consent? I want a “hell yes” from my customers. I created my business to create impact, not to collect faceless credit card numbers. And if you’re like most of the small business owners I help, you feel the same passion for what you offer. 

So, this week on the podcast, I want to talk about the advantage that small business owners have in marketing: actual human interaction! And what do we want out of human interaction? Enthusiastic consent!

In this episode, I share the biggest mistakes I see in marketing and share the framework for sales that works for me, as a soul-centered, service-oriented entrepreneur: Consensual Selling.

Join us this week to get out of robotic selling and into human connection! And if find yourself wanting more, at the end of the episode, make sure to join me on July 20th for a free training on this very topic:

Free training:  Soulful Selling

Show Notes:

1:35– The biggest mistake in small business marketing

4:10– Hand-raising content: Selling as communication!

9:42– Direct Response Marketing at scale

11:06– Sales are equal exchange: Ending the idea that business means taking from our customers.

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