Episode 113: You Don’t Need More Followers

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Last week on the podcast, I talked about the concept of marketing and selling with authenticity. This week, I want to piggyback off of that and dedicate an entire episode to a giant misunderstanding I see in small business marketing: folks are focusing on the wrong numbers.

More followers on social media does not mean more sales in your business! 

If you have been listening to this podcast for a while, you know that I am an advocate of social media. I am quick to jump to its defense when people get on their soap boxes about how digital connection is the demise of human connection. I do actually love Instagram! It’s just not the focus of my business.

The focus of my business is in finding the people who want my work, selling it to them, and then giving it to them, and doing that as effectively as possible through high sales conversion rates.

And why are my conversion rates higher than the average in the world of online sales and marketing? Because I dropped my obsession with middle school-esque popularity and focused my attention on service, which is really just another way to say sales.

Join me this week to get the download on why selling is service, not sleaze. And if you find yourself wanting more details and concrete steps to make these changes in your own business, please join me on July 20th for a free training on this very topic!

Free Training on July 20th: How to Sell Without Selling Out

Show Notes:

0:57– You don’t have an audience problem, you have a sales problem.

7:20– The disconnect: Your sales system

10:52– Make the shift: it will be a relief!

14:36– Selling authentically: What is “too much” promotion?

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