Episode 114: Alignment isn’t Always Easy with Jen Casey

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 114: Jen Casey smiling at the camera, in front of a window

This week, I talk to one of my amazing business mentors, Jen Casey! Jen is an incredibly successful brain-based business coach and neuro-linguistic programming coach, who supports people running high level coaching programs. She runs the mastermind that I am personally in, so I already know how brilliant she is! I’m so excited to have her here, so that you can get at this brilliance, too.

Jen shares her wild journey from therapist’s kid, to performer, to the amazing coach she is today (with a few more stops along the road). We discuss WTF coaching actually is (and is not) and she tells us how learning neuro-linguistic programming completely changed Jen’s work. She shares her breakdown of the hilariously accurate archetypes that pop up in every coaching program and how she revamped her program to ensure better success for all her customers.

I ask Jen about sustainability in our work and how she keeps up motivation over the long haul. We talk about the difference between hustle and burnout and the concept of being “aligned” in our work; how different times call for different kinds of action; how we discern between when we are forcing ourselves into something we aren’t meant to do, vs. when we are putting in the necessary effort to be masterful. She even manages to successfully rope in a golfing metaphor? I know.

Finally, we dive into one of Jen’s favorite topics: finding your niche! She shares tips on how to have an online presence that people actually care about and shares the three biggest mistakes people make, while they are trying to help everyone.

Tune in this week and be inspired to really fall in love with your customers and their experience!

Show Notes:

2:09– What is coaching? How did you get into it and how did it evolve for you?

18:37– How do you sustain momentum and motivation over the long haul?

26:51– How do you tell the difference between what is unaligned and what just takes work?

36:13– Niching: 3 biggest mistakes people make by trying to “help everyone”

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