Episode 115: August Energy Reading

Are you the kind of person who likes good news first? Or bad news first? Which order do you want them in this month? August has some really big dreams and some really hard work, and the cards are telling us that we can’t pick and choose, we have to take the whole deal. 

This month, we are being called into ourselves. We are being called to remember our passion. What lights you up? When are you the best leader? What do you get up excited and ready to do? Ignore your customers for a minute (but like, not much longer than that. I know they are important to you!) and remember the things that drive you, instead of responding to what others demand of you. These are the things that August is screaming for! 

Of course, to make room for new, we have to get rid of the old and that is the harder work of this month. We have a choice: let go of the things that aren’t serving us, or have those doors closed in our faces. Passion and excitement aren’t always enough to cover the pain and discomfort of letting go and the cards warn us that it might be painful.

August calls us to walk away from Good Enough and face the unknown for the sake of a better world. 

Tune in this week to be reminded of what drives you and to be held in the hard space of saying goodbye to what doesn’t. Then come on over to instagram and tell me all about it! Let’s celebrate these big steps with each other!

Show Notes:

00:25– Energy of the Month: 8 of Cups. Doors Close.

13:04– Action of the Month: King of Wands. Passion First.

17:05– Release Work of the Month: The Lovers. Be Selfish.

22:16– Outcome of the Month: 2 of Pentacles, reversed. Your Choice.

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