Episode 119: September Energy Reading

Episode 119 So You Wanna Be a Witch: September Energy Reading. Coffee cup and 3 tarot cards pulled from a deck on a white table

September is a month of reversals, y’all. Literally every card! This month, we’re looking at what we have already done and what we are still resisting. It’s a wake up call, a celebration, a pause, and a calling in.

Are you over-consuming to cover shame and insecurity? Remember that consumption isn’t just for cake and Amazon. Sometimes it’s knowledge, classes, books, social media, and external validation, too! We have four months left of 2020, and it’s time to consider what we really want to do with them.

These cards remind us to pause, to take stock of what we have done, and celebrate everything we can think of. September calls us to community accountability and personal empowerment. It calls us strategy, instead of stagnation. 

Tune in this week and remember the joy we are fighting for.

Show Notes:

1:30– Energy of the Month: 4 of wands reversed. Celebrate yourself

8:54– Action of the Month: Queen of wands reversed. Find your personal power.

18:24– Release Work of the Month: 3 of cups reversed. Personal agency in community.

25:35– Outcome of the Month: 7 of swords reversed. Strategy is magic.

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