Episode 120: The Three Pillars of Holistic Business

ep 120 So You Wanna Be a Witch: The 3 Pillars of Holistic Business. Sarah Chappell smirking at the camera in front of a green wall.

Ever curious about what goes on behind closed doors over at the Holistic Business Academy? This week on the podcast, I’m taking an episode to share the basics of the framework I teach in HBA. 

What does it mean to call a business “holistic”? What are the foundational steps of growing a business that supports you and your community? Why does business matter? More crucially: why is small business important in the context of all the big crises and change happening in our world right now? How do we apply these ideas in real, tangible ways that impact our experiences, our businesses, and our spheres of influence? I talk about all of this and more, as I break down the three pillars of creating and growing a holistic business.

Join me this week and take a step toward actualizing the business owner you want to be.

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Show Notes:

0:36– Understanding the importance of your business in the context of Big World Problems

5:11– Introduction to the three pillars of holistic business

7:39– First pillar: Become

19:14– Second pillar: Attract

26:11– Third pillar: Convert

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