Episode 123: Queer Witchcraft and Anticapitalism with Anna Joy

Episode 123 So You Wanna Be a Witch. Anna Joy. Anticapitalism. Queer witch. Queer Coven.

Y’all, this week I am so pumped to introduce you to The Queer Witch! Anna Joy is a millennial queer witch who creates space and visibility for trans, nonbinary, and queer members of the witchcraft community. Anna Joy has also been coaching other witches on how to run their own successful online business since 2019. 

In this episode, we talk about creating the content that we want to see in the world. Anna Joy shares their experience of looking for knowledge and community as a queer witch and how it lead them to running the successful podcast and membership program they felt was missing!

We discuss the nuance of being anti-capitalist entrepreneurs and our journeys in overcoming the fear of having “enough”. We go deep in money-shame and pick apart the myths of professionalism and hierarchy when it comes to running a business, crafting content, and creating jobs. 

Join us this week to queer your idea of money magic and learn about the concept of “pleasure-oriented hiring”!

Show Notes:

4:43– Creating the content you want to see: podcasting!

10:52– Consistency and trauma awareness in business.

19:50– Hiring and getting help for your business.

25:05– Money and anti-capitalist business values

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