Episode 124: October Energy Reading

Episode 124 So You Wanna Be a Witch. October Energy Reading. Sarah's hands shuffling a deck of tarot cards in front of a spread.

Welcome to October! The month of Samhain when the veil thins, the days grow shorter, and we are ushered into the dark half of the year. 

This month, the cards are calling us into this between space. It’s another month of all-reversals, which brings our attention to the work we have done and the work we are resisting. Whether we have completed a project, or have washed our hands of a situation that doesn’t serve us, we have finished with something, but we are still waiting for the path ahead to be clear.

How do you handle the liminal space? Do you rush through it? Do you look around and copy what everyone else is doing? Or do you accept it, sit in it, and let it show you who you are becoming?

Tune in this week for our cards guidance through the veil and for some classic Sarah fantasy/sci-fi nerdom!

Show Notes:

1:06– Energy of the Month: Moon reversed. The in-between.

11:34– Action of the Month: Page of Pentacles reversed. Be curious.

18:55– Release Work of the Month: Emperor, reversed. Be Flexible.

22:15 Outcome of the Month: King of Swords reversed. Be Responsive.

The Dragon Riders of Pern

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