Episode 125: Be a Better Boss with Tatiana O’Hara

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Tatiana O’Hara is a team operations coach that helps successful yet overwhelmed online business owners create the structure needed for their team and daily operations, so they can focus on scaling faster. Using the corporate world as her training ground, Tatiana is an expert in what makes a team function and is absolutely brilliant in supporting business owners becoming effective leaders.

Y’all, I’m gonna be honest: working with Tatiana changed my life, and I couldn’t be more excited to share this conversation with you.

Tatiana is here to tell us how to have the hard conversations needed to make sure everyone on your team is having a good time! In this episode, Tatiana shares the common problems she sees in hiring, team management, and delegation. She schools us on why tools sometimes matter more than soft skills when it comes to being a Good Boss, and emphasizes that operations are the foundation for good leadership.

Tune in this week to learn how to check your own BS as a business owner and hear Tatiana soothe my fears about micromanaging!

Show Notes:

6:00– Common problems in leadership.

10:48– Company culture: breaking toxic corporate culture in our own hiring.

15:18– Tips for first time hires and team restructuring.

34:32– Learning how to let go of crucial tasks.

Freebie: Task Matrix
Tatiana’s Guide to Tough Conversations

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