Episode 126: Choose Your Own Adventure

Episode 126 So You Wanna Be a Witch: Choose Your Own Adventure. Sarah's legs wearing black jeans and doc martens walking on a white floor.

Can we take our business seriously and still be playful with it? What does exploration look like when we are seeking to build stability?

As I completely upgrade the Holistic Business Academy’s core content, I am reflecting deeply on the foundational understandings of business that drive me and my methodology. I keep coming back to this:

There is no One Right Way.

Capitalism tells us that our revenue is more important than our joy. My holistic business model tells us that well-being is complex and individualized, and THAT is what I am all about.

Ultimately, my business methodology is Choose Your Own Adventure, and that is what I teach in the Holistic Business Academy: critical thinking, intuition building, and timeless strategy. So, as I work to upgrade HBA’s content to be even more clear and more supportive, I want to spend an episode exploring this foundational idea of choice.

In this episode, I walk us through the benefits and limiting factors of four distinct business models. I talk about why critical thinking and self-trust are just as important as strategy. I show you how to build a business model that allows for flexibility as you come to better understand your needs.

Join me this week to seek adventure, and stay to celebrate my birthday with a magical offer!

Show Notes:

2:06– Clarifying a unique perspective on the foundation of business.

7:47– Modular, nonlinear, and intuitive business.

17:34– Choose your own adventure!

25:37– Learning to trust yourself.

29:19– Four business models, their opportunities, and limiting factors.

Special Birthday Offer!

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