Episode 128: November Energy Reading

Episode 128 So You Wanna Be a Witch. November Energy Reading. Tarot for business. Sarah's hands before a spread out tarot deck.

We’re entering November with our bullshit meter turned all the way up. We have moved through the foggy veils of October, putting one foot in front of the other, and now it’s time for decisive action and trust in our own competency.

November is asking us to be 100% That Bitch, which really just means asking ourselves:

What do I need? Where am I censoring myself? What are the limits of my responsibility?

Those questions sound simple, but the work isn’t easy. When we fear causing hurt by or being disliked for clear communication, it is hard to be honest with our answers. We live in a culture that tells us that we are responsible for how others feel, and tells us that customers and profit are more important than our own boundaries.

We know what this looks like in bigger corporate settings but, even though we may decry those practices in our holistically-oriented community, it doesn’t stop that insidious messaging from creeping into the way we do business. You may not exploit your workers, but are you exploiting yourself?

What if, this month, we stopped playing The Game?

Join us this week to get a feel for the month ahead and start orienting yourself toward Justice. 

Show notes:

1:11– Energy of the Month: Queen of Swords. Big Bitch Energy.

10:09– Action of the Month: Justice. Small spheres ripple.

18:28– Release of the Month: The Lovers. Stop selling vulnerability.

27:24– Outcome of the Month: The Devil, reversed. Healing is The Pause.

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