Episode 130: Traditional Astrology with Kirah Tabourn

So, you’re six months into being a full time business owner, your online following is exploding, and it’s also the middle of a global pandemic and national upheaval. What does life look like? 

That’s what I want to hear about from Kirah Tabourn this week!

Kirah is a traditional astrologer, creative, writer, and the new director of Astrology Voices. She is the host of the podcast The Strology Show with an astrology course coming out next year.

In this episode, Kirah shares her journey from boy crazy baby Scorpio to personal astrologer for her corporate Slack channel, and how it prepared her to take the leap into working for herself full time as the astrologer she is today.

Kirah explains the difference between modern astrology and Hellenistic astrology to those of us (aka me) who didn’t know there was a difference, and teaches us why timing is such a huge focus of her practice.

Join us this week to brush up on your astrological history and learn why Kirah and I are in love with testimonials.

Show Notes:

8:46– What is the journey from learning your sign to taking on astrology as your vocation?

22:48– The best and worst of moving into working for yourself full time.

30:16– What is traditional and Hellenistic astrology?

36:06– One-on-one work with clients and using understanding astrological timing.

41:46– The Strology Show and Kirah’s upcoming course

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