Episode 132: December Energy Reading

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 132: December Energy Reading. Coffee cup on a table with 3 tarot cards and a planner.

Let’s talk about your desire for control.

We all desire agency and power in our lives, but sometimes our fear of the unknown and our compulsion for control keeps us attached to the less-than-ideal outcomes we are familiar with and keeps us fearful of turning to the possibility in the unknown.

Does that sound familiar?

This month, the cards are asking us to let go of the security blanket of our most precious fears, our most limiting beliefs. They are straight-up telling us to quit being a baby and stop the hemorrhage of self-pity and fear that might be getting us the attention we want, but isn’t moving us forward in our lives or in our businesses.

December is a reminder that, when we shift our perceptions, we start to take different actions.

December is about harnessing our emotion into (com)passionate leadership.

December is why I fucking love belief work and why it is a cornerstone of everything I practice and everything I teach.

Whether you want to be or not, as an entrepreneur, you are in a leadership role with great power. Let’s close out this year by taking responsibility for it.

Join us this week to reclaim your agency and step into your power, whatever the external circumstances you are standing in at the end of this year. 

Show Notes:

1:49– Energy of the Month: King of Cups, reversed. Stop being a baby.

9:20– Action for the Month: King of Wands. Harness your passion.

14:35– Release Work for the Month: Five of Pentacles. Choose how you respond.

17:38– Outcome for the Month: Eight of Swords. You are not as stuck as you think.

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