Episode 133: The Holistic Guide to Pricing

Episode 133 So You Wanna Be a Witch: Holistic Pricing. Sarah Chappell sitting in a tree by a river, looking off into the distance.

Do you still have one foot out the door of your business? You may feel all-in, but your pricing might say otherwise.

Pricing is HARD, y’all! And mostly just because the question “What do you really need?” makes us squirm. Instead, it’s easier to set our prices based on the offers we see on the internet or what we imagine people might be willing to pay us. Offloading the responsibility of honest pricing keeps us from committing to our well-being and our success.

I am here to tell you that is not the way to a holistic business. 

So, in this episode I am really breaking down the process of pricing your offers. I show you how to set goals, how to price individual offers, and how to think about the pricing in your business as a whole. 

The end of the year is a great time to reassess your pricing! Join us this week to move out of “What can I get?” and into a way of pricing that actually supports YOU (and maybe even your seltzer habit).

Show Notes:

2:09– The first question to ask when pricing an offer

4:48– Your minimum goal.

6:20– Do the math!

12:01– What is “Market Price”?

15:23– The value of what you provide.

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