Episode 134: A Commitment to Authenticity

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 134: A Commitment to Authenticity. Sarah Chappell laughs, looking over her shoulder, in front of a window.

Do you show up in your business as your whole and real self?

Healthy business boundaries are crucial, as is not exploiting our personal lives for attention, so I usually keep things, well…business-oriented here! I’m not into oversharing, but I do value authenticity, so when I caught myself censoring my Instagram Stories, I knew it was time to dive deeper.

This episode is my side of the conversations I want to be having with you, my community, right now. I want conversations that dance in the nuanced spaces between false binaries: inclusivity vs. universality, hustle vs. hard work, commitment vs. pleasure, individualism vs. individuality. 

We’ll enter this exploration through my personal experience of coming to better understand my neurodivergence and how it is changing the way I approach my relationship to business, social media, and our community.

What happens when we show up with authenticity? What happens when we show up with good faith? Is it possible to let people know they are seen without censoring ourselves or stamping disclaimers on all of our personal experiences?

Join me this week in the “ramble zone” and let’s figure out how to bring back the lightheartedness of sharing on our fucking instagram stories. 

Show Notes:

3:08– Commitment in business

7:12– Anti-hustle, giftedness, and my neurodivergence

11:57– Personal experience vs. inclusivity on social media

28:02– When success requires a longer commitment

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