Episode 136: January Energy Reading

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 136: January Energy Reading. Tarot cards on the ground with Sarah's hand hovering over them.

What could our lives be if we gave our business permission to be boring?

Y’all know that I am passionate about business, but I’m no Pollyanna: There are parts of running a business that suck. There are parts of running a business that are hard and dull and that starts to feel confusing when the messages around entrepreneurship are often:

+Wake up and love what you do everyday!

+You should be passionate about what you do!

+Stop hating your Job and start loving your Work!

This month, the cards are reminding us that the dishes still need to get done, the tax forms need to be filled out, and the payroll needs to be processed. Most importantly, they are giving us permission to be bored with our menial tasks and embrace working through The Slog.

Business can’t be our Everything and accepting that relieves a lot of pressure. This month, we are being asked to face the multiplicity of ourselves and our desires. We are asked to be our whole selves and embrace the entirety of our experience.

Join me for the first energy reading of 2021 and ask yourself: If you allow parts of your business to just become A Job (even if it’s the best job you’ve ever had) what space does that open up for passion in your life?

Show Notes:

00:57– Energy of the Month: Temperance. Integrating multiplicity.

7:03– Action of the Month: Five of Pentacles. De-demonize the slog.

15:57– Release of the Month: Ace of Wands. Where else can you fill your well?

19:05– Outcome of the Month: The Star. The hope in healing.

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