Episode 137: Self-Care in Service with Scout Chavers

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 137: Scout Chavers. Birthwork. Doula. Wild + Awake. Birth Wild Awake. Scout looking straight into the camera, wearing a yellow shirt.

Did you know that you can weave your self-care into your work?

If you have a business grounded in community care and individual support, making sure you can sustain your business without burning yourself out is crucial.

This week, I am so excited to welcome Scout Chavers of Wild + Awake to the podcast. Scout is an intuitive healer, generational doula, and somatic guide in Austin, TX. They work with individuals and families to usher them through all kinds of life changes. Scout is committed to working with marginalized communities to ensure their birthright of awareness and wellness, and uses their resourced connections to redistribute wealth and resources within their community.

In our interview, Scout and I talk about finding threads that connect our seemingly disparate work and how to weave together a cohesive business doing the things we love. We discuss the balance of sustainability and accessibility in service-based business, and how to redistribute wealth in a way that allows service providers to be well compensated for working with under-resourced communities.

Join us this week for a rich conversation about truly caring for your community without sacrificing yourself.

Show Notes:

1:05– What is a full spectrum doula and how did you come to be a third generation birthworker?

10:30– Boundaries! How do you run a business based on community care while also supporting YOU?

16:15– Finding the threads that integrate your work

29:18– Weaving self-care into work: remaining accessible while supporting yourself sustainably

42:09– Clubhouse: the new audio-based social media

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