Episode 140: Organize Your Business!

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 140: Organize Your Business! Sarah's hand writing in a journal on a wooden counter.

How do you grow your business without losing your shit?

When starting a business, it can be hard to know where to start, but once running a business it can be hard to keep up!

In my years of supporting business owners, one of the top questions I get is: How do I organize my business day to day? You have daily tasks, weekly tasks, monthly tasks, emergencies to handle, and on top of all of it you are supposed to be the creative force in your business! It’s so easy to waste your time jumping from task to task, trying not to forget anything, and end up dropping balls all over the place.

I want you to work effectively and efficiently, so that you can take off your Boss Hat at the end of the day and know that everything is taken care of!

With dozens of software programs promising to change your life, to the swath of business gurus trying to persuade you that their way is The Way to grow a business, what we know about ourselves and our own needs can easily be drowned out. You know I’m not here for dogma or the One Way Highway, so this week on the podcast talking about the most crucial concepts of business organization and sharing my process of making them work for me!

Join me this week to hear about my daily routine, the best tools I’ve found for structural support, and hear my lengthy love letter to ClickUp.

Show Notes:

3:00– Personalize your productivity

6:30– Business Level Organization

11:09– Project management

19:33– How I plan my day

What I use:
Deep Work by Cal Newport

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