Episode 141: Your Scalable Sales System

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 141: Your Scalable Sales System. Sarah Chappell smiling into the camera in front of a green wall.

Scaling a business is not just making more money!

Scaling is a hip word in the business community and with good reason. Scaling can be the answer to sustaining a small business in the long run. But what actually IS scaling?

You can make more money WITHOUT scaling by either working more or charging more! That is called business growth. Scaling is about getting out of the 1:1 ratio of work input and compensation output.

In other words: You put the work in on the front end to make a wide-reaching offer easily repeatable, so that you get to reap the rewards over the life of your business.

I see people make a lot of the same mistakes when they first attempt to scale their business and some of the most common questions in my DMs right now are about how to do this without burning out!

So, this week on the podcast I am breaking down scalable offers, scalable sales, and scalable systems for you. I am sharing some of my biggest secrets for success and sanity in my launch process, and inviting you into an approach that allows your offers to get EASIER for you every time.

Tune in to peek behind the curtain of “immediate success” and learn the steps you can take to make scaling your business successful from the start.

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Show Notes:

0:52– What is scaling?

5:13– Shiny Object Syndrome

9:43– The Offer

13:01– The Scalable Sales Cycle

19:33– The Systems

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