Episode 142: Protecting Your Business Vision

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 142: Protecting Your Business Vision. Sarah Chappell standing in front of a river with her eyes closed and hands over her heart.

How do you take feedback?

Do you go looking for it? Do you ignore it? Do you filter it? Are you compelled to respond to all of it?

Feedback is so engaging and I don’t know many entrepreneurs who don’t get emotionally pulled into other people’s opinions about how they are running their business.

We created our business to serve people and so we want people to be pleased! It is hard to hear that someone wants us or our business to be different. It can be hard to say no to people who want more from us. 

But we also need feedback! Without feedback from our customers, we are bulldozing ahead with our ideas without actually checking to see what is serving people! And no matter how much we love our work and how great we think our ideas are, if they aren’t connecting with the people we want to serve, then they are not going to be successful. 

Not all problems are yours to solve! Learning to tune out feedback from folks who want you to BE different is one of the most important emotional skills business owners can develop!

Too much feedback can distort your personal vision for your business and the work you want to be doing in the world. Not enough feedback can keep you ignorant as to why your business isn’t growing in the ways that you hoped. As always: balance is key!

So, this episode is dedicated to just that: Collecting, filtering, and managing feedback while holding your personal vision in the center of all your actions. It is possible to be solutions-oriented when it comes to feedback!

Join me this week to learn how I collect and manage feedback in my own business and for some homework assignments that invite you to make feedback a crucial tool in your business!

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Show Notes:

3:36– Feedback boundaries.

10:02– Get the feedback that you need!

11:55– Solutions-oriented feedback management

18:01– The stages of the creation cycle.

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