Episode 144: Witchcraft Isn’t Safe with Britton Boyd and J. Allen Cross

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 144: Witchcraft Isn't Safe with Britton Boyd and J. Allen Cross

Do you like your witchcraft dirty and dangerous?

Magic is having a revival right now. Witches are sliding into our DMs, spells are all over our Instagram feeds, and witchcraft is suddenly accessible and trendy. Many of us are revelling in the magical community (literally and figuratively) that the internet gives us. We can connect with others like us! No matter where we live, we can learn from others and share our experiences. It’s amazing!

But there’s another side to this coin. With witchcraft taking the world like a new self-help regimen, it needs to be accessible to everyone. It needs to be safe, it needs to be clean, it needs to be easy, and (if it’s going to sell) it needs to be cute. 

Enter Britton Boyd and J. Allen Cross: two badass witches and practitioners of folk magic in Oregon, asking us to learn our histories, learn our traditions, and be ready to get messy. They are both dedicated to going deep in the witchy archives and getting tactile with their practices. In this episode, they share about the roots of their magic traditions, the value of rules in witchcraft, and why working with spirits isn’t something to take lightly.

If you like badass witches who do downhome folk magic, tune in to this week’s podcast and learn about Britton and J.’s work, hear all about their new podcast, and learn why you should probably make pee part of your practice.

Show notes:

3:00– The rules and requirements of witchcraft

11:42– Christianity and witchcraft

21:58– Working witches

26:45– What are spells?

43:56– Writing on witchcraft and American Brujeria

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Praxis of the Witch
J. Allen Cross’s Patheos Column
Sister Carol’s Book of Blessings, Spells, and Folk Magic
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