Episode 145: Creating a Brand that Lasts with Sharon Wagner

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 145: Building a Brand That Lasts with Sharon Wagner. Close up of Sharon's face looking into the camera.

There are a lot of things you shouldn’t invest in if your business can’t afford them, and branding may be one.

What? Not exactly what you expect to hear from a successful brand designer, but this is exactly why I was so excited to have Sharon Wagner of Swail Studio on the podcast this week.

Sharon is a brilliant graphic designer with a decade of experience branding businesses that range from boutique to global. As a member of the Holistic Business Academy, she has done an incredible job honing her interest and zone of genius into the exact job that she wants; she knows what she does best and who she wants to do it for. That is precisely the kind of success that I want to hear about.

This episode is a journey into the emotional side of branding and the visual experience of business. It is also an honest conversation about what to expect at different phases in your business, and what the indicators are that your business is ready for you to invest in leveling up.

Sharon offers priceless guidance on how to approach branding with a DIY attitude as a fledgling business, and walks us through how to begin the process of hiring a designer when that time comes.

Tune in this week for spicy conversations, unpopular opinions, and genuinely good advice for both new and seasoned business owners about creating a brand that fits you.

Show Notes:

2:41– Getting clear about your zone of genius and ideal clients.

7:43– Witchcraft and creative work.

16:43– What business owners need to know about branding.

20:44– Professional milestones: When is it time to invest in branding?

32:37– Advice for a beginner’s DIY rebrand vs. advice for established businesses hiring a designer.

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