Episode 147: April Energy Reading

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 147: April Energy Reading. Sarah Chappell sitting on a rock with tarot cards.

Is your creativity frozen?

As we move into spring, we are feeling the thaw. The world is waking up and after several months of hunkering down against the freeze, new life is pushing its way toward the sun again. We are familiar with this cycle, but every year is different. This spring, with vaccinations rolling out to more and more people and our COVID-19 rates starting to curb, many of us are imagining opening our metaphorical windows for the first time in a YEAR.

This cycle of growth feels different because many of us have been frozen for longer.

We are faced with remembering how to be in our bodies and be in our world. Many of us with chronic illness can relate to the concept of coming out of our sickbed. We remember how we used to move, but we don’t yet know how we move now. What muscles have atrophied and need to be reconditioned? What new limitations do we have? What new perspective?

When we can only put one foot in front of the other, when everything is so chaotic that we cannot look ahead, it is hard to be creative. Has your imagination atrophied during a year in which so many of us had our nose to the ground, our only focus on surviving? 

This month the cards are telling us that it is time to tone our muscles. We are starting to stretch. We are warming our bodies and opening our eyes to a wider concept of what might be possible for us. It is a re-learning, a remembering, but we are doing it in a new world. A world that needs creativity and our new perspectives. This month, we are saying yes to the inspiration that is coming our way.

Join us this week for our monthly energy reading and ask yourself where you find the space to expand.

Show Notes:

1:41– Energy of the Month: Four of Cups, reversed. Saying YES.

4:04– Action of the Month: Ace of Wands. Remembering how to act on inspiration.

9:03– Release of the Month: Ace of Cups. Generation instead of reception.

13:50– Outcome of the Month: The World. The end of the cycle.

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