Episode 148: Shame Is Not A Sales Tactic

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 148: Shame Is Not A Sales Tactic. Sarah Chappell standing among the trees.

Are you being shamed into purchases?

Current social media expectations can leave us feeling forced into a position previously reserved for celebrities: giving all of ourselves to the public. This is making it impossible to engage in the modern world and maintain privacy.

Over the past year, we’ve talked a lot on the podcast about boundaries and giving yourself the space to exist off screen. We often feel an urge to share, be it performance based or because it is effective in sales. We can exploit ourselves by sharing our feelings, hardships, and challenges because it speaks to the reality tv nature of our society. 

This week on the podcast we shift away from the recent themes of serious business trainings and into the feels. Y’all I talk. A lot. I talk about how I show up in my business and the structures that allow my business to function when my mental illness wants to take the reins. I dive into some of my fears and shame and how social media is fueling that shame under the guise of so-called ethical business and critiquing the status quo.

Some marketing posts are being designed to make you feel shame about your approach to business, about what you’ve been trained to do, or even about who you learned from and their way of teaching.

Join us this week as I welcome you into my feels to examine the social media trend that may be motivating your decisions: shame.

Show Notes:

5:00– Running a Business While Being Acutely Mentally Ill

21:30– Social Media Trend to Position Self As Against Status Quo

30:00– How This Creates Shame

43:00– What Can We Do Instead?

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