Episode 149: How To Make Something New

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 149: How To Make Something New. Sarah Chappell open-mouth smiling and looking away from the camera.

Your ideas are not original!


I know that sounds like a slap when we are all learning to tread around the idea of originality. The internet has exponentially increased how many ideas, concepts, and inspirations we are bombarded with daily and it can be overwhelming!

With so many good ideas out there, are there any left to be had?

If I was really inspired by someone’s concept, does it mean I am stealing their work?

Are you afraid of acting on your ideas because you’re worried they aren’t original enough? OR are you acting on every idea without a second thought to where they come from or what they’ll do for you?

If you have listened to me for a long time, you know that I believe that there is no such thing as an original idea, but I don’t find that discouraging and I don’t want you to, either! When we embrace the fact that we are inspired and influenced by everything around us, we can be intentional about WHAT we allow to influence us, HOW we create something from multiple sources of inspiration, and WHEN we credit others work.

In this episode, I take you through different ways of approaching ideation and what phases of business I find are the best fit for each. I talk about my own process for coming up with new ideas for my business and deciding which ones to chase. I also offer TONS of practical recommendations for apps, tools, and tips for starting to take your own thought-based labor seriously.

Tune in this week for an intensive on the science of creation and stay for my hot product idea: handknit underwear patterns. Seriously, who is going to run with it?

Show Notes:

1:10–What is an idea?

6:25– Two perspectives on ideation.

15:48– How to capture your inspiration and ideas.

21:22–Transforming inspiration into ideas.

37:28– Three step recap.

Katherine de Vos Devine: intellectual property expert

My Tools:

Omm Writer

Apple Pencil

How To Take Smart Notes by Sönke Ahrens
Emergent Strategy by adrienne maree brown
Cal Newport’s Deep Work
Peter Drucker

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