Episode 150: Customer Service for a Scalable Business

So You Wanna Be a Witch: Episode 150: Customer Support For Your Scalable Business. Sarah Chappell smiling at a counter and shaking someone's hand.

Are you prepared to support your incoming customers?

Y’all know how much I love talking about scaling as a way to make small businesses sustainable over the long-haul! Getting out of the 1:1 ratio of input to income is life-changing. But scaling is not some magic business-hack that means less work across the board.

The point of scaling is to find a way to let your work help more customers than it could if you were doing one-on-one work. Yes, that means LESS creation work. It also means MORE customers! And those customers will need SUPPORT.

This episode is all about making sure you are ready to support the customer load of your dreams. We are talking timing, systems, boundaries, and team! 

When do you need to implement more intensive customer support structures?

What systems will ensure that all of your customers are supported without you glued to your inbox all day?

What boundaries can you have with your customers and with your business to protect you from burnout?

What do you do when your customers need more support than you are able or willing to make time for?

I answer all these questions, highlight some of the biggest mistakes I see entrepreneurs making in their scalable offers, and tell you about the tools and tips that have worked for me in my business.

Tune in this week and remember: the customer isn’t always right, but they do deserve the support you promised!

Show Notes:

2:45– Validating your offer: When to create more customer support systems

8:30– How do we scale customer service? Systems!

16:34– Boundaries are your best friend.

22:37– Ask for help! Hiring for your inbox.

Live Workshop: Your Sustainable, Scalable Offer 

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A World Without Email by Cal Newport

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