Episode 152: May Energy Reading

So You Wanna Be a Witch. Episode 152: May Energy Reading. 4 tarot cards on a stone wall.

Is money causing you grief?

In our society, money is not only the hard currency that allows us to get our basic needs met, it is also the currency of possibility. 

Money is power.

Money is the potential for action.

Money is the possibility of change.

There is grief in accepting this. There is grief in choosing to engage a broken system to take care of ourselves and contribute to our communities. When we look around at the disturbing relationship our culture has with money, it is easy to be repulsed by it. It is equally easy to give into the scarcity mindset that capitalism pushes and cling harder and harder to the resources we accumulate. 

Our tendency is to either push money away, in solidarity with people or push people away, in our fear of losing money.

May is calling us to be in a different relationship with money. May is calling us to embrace the currency of possibility.

What happens when we have enough money to thrive? 

What happens when our reaction to gaining resources is to draw people in closer? 

What happens when the power that comes with money is allowed to shift paradigms, instead of perpetuating them?

Tune in this week for our May Energy Reading to hear more about the change that is possible when we release our dreams of utopia to take action in the present world around us.

CW: This episode opens with talk about the Chauvin case and continued police violence

Show Notes:

4:11– Energy for the Month: Page of Pentacles. Possibility and wonder.

9:30– Action for the Month: Five of Cups. Grief and possibility.

13:01– Release Work of the Month: Seven of Wands. The battles we carry.

18:04– Outcome of the Month: Six of Pentacles, reversed. The long haul.

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