Episode 156: What’s in a “Good Job”?

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 156: What's in a "Good Job"? Sarah Chappell smiling into the camera.

Who tells you that you’re doing a good job?

If you are a grown-up, solo entrepreneur, you don’t have a boss or a teacher or a parent telling you that you checked all your boxes and gotten a good report card. So, whose voice do you hear at the end of the day when you declare “I did a good job!” or “I didn’t measure up”?

Is that voice measuring your work against your values? Or the values of a system you are trying to create your way out of? Do you WANT to believe the archetypes of The Boss, The Teacher, and The Parent that live in our minds rent free?

As an entrepreneur, YOU get to decide what defines a good job! YOU get to decide what metrics you use to define good work. YOUR values are what matter!

This week on the podcast, I am picking apart the concept of the goodness, redefining what a “Good Job” is, and giving you two steps to reorient your relationship to success and feedback.

Tune in this week for a reminder that a values-led business requires using those same values to assess our own personal success.

Show Notes:

1:13– Who says you’re doing a “Good Job”?

2:42– What’s behind a “Good Job”?

7:01– Redefining goodness

12:56– Assessing the order of operations

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