Episode 158: June Energy Reading

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 158: June Energy Reading. Sarah's hangs shuffling a tarot deck on a rock wall

Business is a trickster!

Sometimes, we dedicate ourselves to a system and see dramatic results. Sometimes, we do everything “right” and flop, but the random offer that we threw up in a whirl of inspiration (and little forethought) is wildly successful.

Y’all know I love systems and data, but this month the cards are letting us know that we will be rewarded for straying from the beaten path. This month, we are being invited to play with the parts of ourselves that feel dangerous and the business strategies that stretch our comfort zone.

June is about playing the game and playing with fire. We are asked to firmly center our purpose, while being fast and loose with our methods. We are asked to take risks with what feels “right” for us, trusting our moral compass and trusting that we have a solid sense of self to return home to.

Tune in this week for this month’s business energy reading and let me challenge you into writing your own personal Business Manifesto!

Show Notes:

1:17– Energy of the Month: The Devil. How we do we learn from a teacher we cannot trust?

6:16– Action of the Month: Queen of Blades. Boundaries and the capacity for imagination.

10:55– Release of the Month: Jack of Blades. Give up the fight.

17:29: Outcome of the Month: Three of Staves. #winning.

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