Episode 16: Barrie Cohen


Textile designer Barrie Cohen on So You Wanna Be A WitchHedge witch Barrie Cohen of Beezie Textiles is a fiber artist working to integrate plant magic and fabric for beauty and healing. Barrie’s experiences working on farms introduced her to herbal medicine and the deep lore of flowers. Now, she is using her art to craft custom garments and home goods full of plant power!

In this episode, we jump into the disconnect of growing up separated from the food system, the importance of washing your face, magical meanings of plants, and the synchronistic gifts of New York City. Barrie explores her journey to owning her own business, and shares a bit about how it is shifting in the next few months.  She also shares about natural dyes and offers some tips to get you started.

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Show Notes

Connect with Barrie:

Barrie uses Scott Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs to learn about their lore. She also recommends the work of Catherine Yronwode at Lucky Mojo.

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