Episode 166: July Energy Reading

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 166: July Energy Reading. Sarah's  hands shuffling a deck behind 5 drawn cards.

Are you paralyzed by decision-making?

There will always be things in life that are outside of our control. As business owners, and probably just as humans it’s our job to make decisions around these external forces. Decision-making is our job.

This month is all about the crossroads, discernment, and the ways we harness or abandon our power in decision-making.

Taking responsibility for our choices is what grounds us in our personal agency. We remember that we DO have choices, even when things aren’t going the way we imagined.

This month, the cards are inviting us to meet our choices with the full recognition of our power, of our ability to discern and decide. They are inviting us to be present, to take a deep breath and really live in our skin. The cards remind us to stand strong in who we are and what our power is, so that when we turn to our community and ask for help, we are able to accept support rather than influence.

We have personal agency and we are not alone in it.

Tune in this week to learn more about what the cards are telling us about the month of July and remember to hop on over to the Holistic Business Academy to get on the waitlist as we prepare to open the doors!

Show Notes:

4:03– Energy of the Month: Three of Cups. Being present in connection.

9:04– Action of the Month: Eight of Cups, reversed. Where will your will take you?

19:11– Release Work of the Month: Ten of Coins, reversed. You know better than strangers on the internet.

24:41– Outcome for the Month: Nine of Staves, reversed. Phone a fucking friend.

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