Episode 167: Quick Coaching with Sarah. Revenant Clients, Starting a Shop, and Accessible Pricing

Quick Coaching with Sarah Chappell. Sarah Chappell sitting in a cafe and smiling into the camera.

Who do you want in your business?

Whether we are navigating conversations with hot-and-cold customers, setting fair prices, or creating our marketing plan, all of our decisions impact who is and isn’t attracted to our offers!

Are your decisions inviting to the people you want to be your customers?

This week we cover:

1:12– How do I respond to a potential client who pops back up after ghosting?

8:53– I have a logo and set up shop! Now what?

12:58– Can I pitch a high-end offer in a webinar?

18:19– Is lowering my prices a good idea?

25:18– How do I integrate scholarships for BIPOC or LGBTQ folks into my membership program

33:55– How do I manage information overload as I start my business?

Whiteness at Work

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