Episode 168: The Truth About Money

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 168: The Truth About Money. Sarah Chappel's hands holding fools gold.

Money isn’t neutral!

I don’t have to tell you that we humans really fucked up with this whole “relationship to resources” thing. If you listen to my podcast, you’re probably not that into capitalism. You probably have deep criticisms of the way money flows in our society and the way mainstream “big business” helps direct that flow. But somewhere along the way, you also decided that you wanted to work for yourself. 

Whether you started your own business because you didn’t fit into the mold of a “good employee” or because you wanted to help the world with your work, your choice means you have to interact with money differently. That’s HARD when we feel like money is a symbol associated with systems we despise.

Most people I work with have to radically transform their relationship to money before they can be successful in their business. If we think that money makes us bad, we are not going to collect it. If we think that selling our products takes away resources from someone else, we aren’t going to be able to market ethically. The spiritualistic counternarratives to this thinking also leave me disappointed. Money is not neutral! Access to resources has nothing to do with how high or low your “vibes” are.

Money is powerful and thus our relationship to it IS spiritual. It’s spiritual work to reframe our relationship to power and what it makes possible. So, this week on the podcast I am sharing my truths about money: What money is, how we can live with our relationship to it, and how we can use that relationship to enact the change we want to see in the world.

Tune in this week for a three-step breakdown of changing our relationship to the complex concept of money.

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Show Notes:

2:19–Money mindset and spirituality

9:34–Money isn’t neutral

12:23–The human relationship to money

26:14–Your relationship to money

29:30– Three steps to changing your relationship to money

FREE TRAINING: Attract Your Ideal Customers Without Doing All The Things

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