Episode 17: Lauren Haynes

Lauren Haynes of Wooden Spoon Herbs

Lauren Haynes of Wooden Spoon Herbs is an herbalist with a beautiful product line out of the mountains of Georgia. She came to plant medicine through the DIY and punk scenes, and now offers over 50 remedies and has been featured in Vogue Magazine.

This episode dives right into the meat of running a soul-centered small business! Lauren shares about manifestation magic, southern folk medicine, conversing with plants, and the pressure to produce. We talk about plants for cute-as-a-button dreams, Stranger things, and the importance of good internet access.

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Show Notes

Connect with Lauren:

Lauren studies with Appalachian herbalist Phyllis Light.

For amazing online writing on herbalism Lauren recommends Sophia Rose of La Abeja Herbs, Snakeroot Apothecary, Stina Swesey of Mother Mountain Herbals, and past podcast guests Milla Prince, Amber Hill, and Asia Suler.

For more about the intersection of energy and bodywork, Lauren suggests books by Candace Pert and Anne Kent Rush.

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