Episode 170: Hard Work vs. Hustle

So You Wanna Be a Witch Episode 170: Hard Work vs Hustle. Sarah's legs in black pants walking down the street.

This is just too hard!

Do you ever find yourself thinking that, as you spend another late night in front of your computer? Or as you enviously scroll through the business profiles of other seemingly successful entrepreneurs?

Growing a business is SIMPLE, but that doesn’t make it EASY.

Still, there is a difference between the kind of hard work that leaves us feeling accomplished and the hustle that leaves us feeling burned out.

In a culture that tells us that we should always be working, it’s easy to load up our plates just to prove our worth. We are praised for Doing The Most!

On the other hand, this spiritual counterculture that has emerged tells us that everything should come easily to us! If we have to try too hard, then it’s not for us and we should move on.

Neither of these narratives will get you very far in business, so I’m spending this episode breaking down the difference between hard work and hustle culture. Do you know why you are doing what you’re doing? And is it worth the effort to you? Do you know how to tell the difference between effective work and busy work?

Tune in this week with a pen and paper to check in with yourself and your to-do list.

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Show Notes:

2:18– Aligned doesn’t mean easy.

11:06– Giving up vs. toxic productivity.

15:05– Are you working hard or are you hustling?

26:05– Hard Work: What it is and why we avoid it.

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