Episode 181: Quick Coaching with Sarah. Firing Contractors, Self-Invalidation, and Effective Marketing

Quick Coaching with Sarah Chappell. Sarah Chappell sitting in a cafe and smiling into the camera.

Why aren’t you selling?

It’s easy to tell people how much you believe in your products or services. It’s easy to share how many PDFs come in your course. It’s easy to explain how much it would mean to you to make a sale.

But none of this is going to get you the sale.

In this week’s quick coaching episode we’re talking about effective marketing communication and so much more. Tune in so you can sell out your offer.

We cover: 

1:33 – Advice on taking deposits for a high end program that won’t start for a few months

3:36 – Navigating firing contractors who continue to disrespect boundaries with empathy

13:33 – What do you personally love as effective growth strategies?

17:39 – Dealing with an old mentor that is being passive aggressive but is still following me

26:43 – I have a lot of people interested in my business and what I’m offering, but very few bookings

32:00 – Finding my lane in what feels genuine to post or share on social media for my biz

37:09 – How to market my gifts and gain authentic clients for breathwork

43:56 – Self-invalidation: I am selling but now I’m worrying that my offer is not good enough, that people will think I’m a scam

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Attraction Marketing Communication Lesson

Quick Coaching: Hiring a Virtual Assistant

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