Episode 182: Developmental Trauma with Fanny Priest

So You Wanna Be A Witch Episode 182: Developmental Trauma with Fanny Priest. Fanny Priest smiling with fall colored leaves in the background.

You deserve to feel safe.

Trauma awareness is at an all time high. Or, more accurately, the use of the word has become extremely common. But that doesn’t mean we have a strong working understanding of the different types and definitions of trauma and how they may impact our daily lives.

So, what is trauma?

What would be possible if we acknowledged, understood, and repaired our trauma?

This week on the podcast, I’m delighted to talk with Fanny Priest. Fanny is a trauma repair & self-trust coach, and a reluctant expert on discomfort. She helps healers, feelers, queers, and creatives repair the rupture in the relationship with their true self so they feel safe with their bodies, feelings, and needs. 

In this episode, Fanny defines developmental trauma and discusses the role it may be playing in your life. Fanny and I talk about the challenges that arise when we do mindset work without trauma repair. We talk about how to create this repair in the context of business, so you can do the work you’re meant to do in the world. 

Without acknowledging and repairing trauma, you are essentially engaging with the world through the eyes of a young child: alone, disconnected, and without agency. 

Tune in this week so you can begin to notice the role trauma plays in your life and walk away with an action plan to start repairing your relationship with your true self today.

Show Notes:

2:52 – What is developmental trauma?

9:30 – How mindset work may be replicating the conditions of trauma

20:00 – How does trauma repair work with agency?

31:28 – How can we create this level of repair within business? 

45:05 – What is one thing that entrepreneurs could do today to feel more safe?

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